Accidental Card Counting in Blackjack

Accidental Card Counting in Blackjack

Accidental Card Counting in Blackjack is a technique in playing the game of blackjack that has been around for many years but is just recently being used more often today because of its new popularity with card players. As the rules of this card game are so simple, and no matter what the number of hands dealt, the result largely depends on the previous rounds and the counting of the cards, while once the cards are taken from the deck, most systems of card counting, increase the chances of winning substantially.

While there have been a great number of systems of card counting used in playing Blackjack, it is the Accidental Card Counting system that was used most extensively until recent years. It is a unique type of counting system that uses the fact that the player’s cards may be randomly dealt one at a time, the dealer will keep a set amount of them aside, while the player will deal them all out again, thereby causing an unavoidable and unwanted card counting by the dealer. However, the system is different than the traditional methods of counting cards where a certain number of cards are kept aside for the purpose. In this system, a set number of cards is kept aside in a specially marked container which will be dealt out randomly to the player.

The dealer will then count each card without the player ever knowing how many were dealt. This is done on the basis of the number of times the dealer dealt out each card.

For more serious players, especially those who are playing more than the normal ten hands in Blackjack, this technique is often used for increasing the chances of winning. There are several reasons why people choose to use this method, among them the fact that it is much more complex and requires extensive knowledge of how to play the game.

When using this system in Blackjack, the player should also be aware of the fact that there is a slight chance that they might be cheated by the dealer or the casino in taking advantage of the system of Accidental Card Counting in Blackjack. Since the casinos are usually the ones who do not always count the cards in the right way, the player has to carefully watch for this. and if found to be doing it, the odds are against him or her.

To be sure, Accidental Card Counting in Blackjack is a very interesting way of counting cards. and can be a nice addition to your deck as it is highly complicated and offers a lot of benefits when used properly.

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